Douglas Adams

I’m currently re-reading this book, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, written by Douglas Adams. So far, luckily, I don’t really remember anything from my first reading from a couple of years ago. First, let me just say, if you don’t know who Douglas Adams is, and you haven’t read anything written by him, you are missing out. He’s mostly known for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a trilogy in five parts. He has by far the best humor I’ve come across, making me smile all the time. His writing style is really unique, with a funny way of describing even the weirdest things like they are totaly normal. He’s my favourite author for a couple of years now, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change. So go, go and read something of his. I dare you.


Game of Thrones Ascent

I’ve been playing this game for about two months, and I must say, it’s very nice. It’s a browser game, you can play it on Facebook, Kongregate or DistruptorBeam – game developers. It’s a clicking game. You create a character, that has risen to lordship, build buildings for your hold, recruit sworn swords to send them on quests, adventures and player to player missions. You can specialise in Battle, Trade or Intrigue actions, and you have 6 alignments: Truthful/Cunning, Family/Realm and New ways/Old ways. You really get a feeling for your character, equiping him, gaining experience, spending talents.. And all this, with a great story, that focuses on the events in the show, plus your personal story. It’s a game that you can play all day, or come and click through every couple of hours. I also found a great alliance: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. I really like people in it, they are all very friendly and always happy to help. Go and try the game for yourself, but be careful, it’s addictive xD

Game of Thrones Ascent intro

Now you see me

I watched the movie Now you see me in theaters last night, and it was awesome. It’s an excellent thriller that keeps you on the edge for the whole duration – you’re always waiting what will happen next. It’s very unpredictable and has a twist ending, leaving me speechless after watching it. It’s just that awesome. I’d have to say this one goes to my top ten list.

Now you see me

DK is 90, finally!

2 days ago my DK dinged 90. He was waiting at 89 for a month or two, and I finally got around to getting him to max lvl. In patch 5.3 it goes faster, so I needed less than 2 hours for the remaining xp. It’s the third char that i have at max lvl, joining my main Pally and a Warlock. At the moment he has shity gear, 469 avarage ilvl (462 equipped), so tommorow i’m gonna buy the valor cloak from klaxxi, queue for HoF LFR, and sell it back for a refund. I wanna keep all my valor for items from Shado-Pan Assault quartermaster. I’ve already done Throves od the Thunder King scenario and got some Elder Charms of Goof Fortune, so hoppefuly, i’ll get some epics. Gearing up now is a breeze. You can get 476 honor gear and 476 belt for gold from honored with Kirin Tor Offensive. But then, in LFR, it’s all left to RNG, which can be a bitch. Wish me luck!

The voice of Azeroth machinima

A WoW machinima, made by Nervous Orca. He says it’s an anthem for kicking Garrosh’s ass, and it does a realy nice job of being just that. With patch 5.4 on the horizon, and downfall of Garrosh imminent, it realy gets you hyped up and eagerly waiting for it. Enjoy.